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About us

Blooming Lotus bloom your business
Lotus POS is a 100% Australian Owned private company with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. Like many small IT Start-ups, Lotus POS began from a small office in Collingwood, Melbourne back in early 2000. From a phone and a laptop, it has slowly become who we are now. Lotus POS has grown to become one of the major POS suppliers in the competitive Australian market. Providing the best customer service has been one of our main focus since the very beginning with a portfolio of over 5000 businesses.


Lotus POS is a team with cross-industry experience. Our team of experts are fully trained to resolve problems in no time.
We are a well-structured company with sales, after sales support, repair centre and warehouse- providing a one-stop customer experience.

Strong partnership

Lotus POS have teamed up with reputable vendors, both locally and globally, offering customers some of the best software and reliable hardware equipment available in the market. By choosing high quality products, customers can be guaranteed for efficient, uninterrupted & hassle-free business operation with no down time.

Relationship with customers

Lotus POS has earned its outstanding reputation and customer service excellence in the competitive industry where the needs of our customers as the No1 priority. We treat you as business partners and offer you the right solutions to accomplish your business goals, we are always there to take extra step that goes beyond the traditional distributor/customer relationship.

Hospitality POS

Restaurant, cafe, quick service, bar, bubble tea, hotel

Retail POS

Grocery, deli, seafood shop, meat shop, fashion store

POS hardware

Touch screen terminal, weighing scale, cash register, scanner, printer & accessories

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Planning to open your first business? Already have one (or two, or ten)? Just give us a call and we’ll give you solutions. Get in touch with our POS specialists to see how Lotus POS can help your business thrive.

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