What our customers say about us

We have been with Lotus since our 1st shop to now over 20+ shops. They have shown great patients and supports throughout those years. Professional services and great POS software are all you need to run a large number of shops. Personally I think this user friendly software and service are one of the best on the POSmarket. Fully recommended.

Kevin - China Bar group

We have own many restaurants throughout this long 8+ years, everyone of them have been very busy and high turnover restaurant. With Lotus POS system, we manage to satisfy each customers by minimising waiting period and maintain our high quality on foods to be served on time. The last things you want to run a restaurant is always a mess in the kitchen that can't get the food served on time. Lotus POS system has been long proving stable and clear printing in anyway the Chefs want and work with in their language. On the other hand, those quick, efficient and clear reports have cover most of the information needed of what have happened throughout the day, month or year. We love their always professional service team and do feel like cannot operate without Lotus POS system. They have play a big role in our success.

Susan - Dumpling Plus group

What have surprised us is their super fast response on call to fix problems. What else you need on a POS? Great supports, that is it.

Angela - Noodle Kingdom

They really response like an ambulance when there is a problems. Great system, great supports, a bit pricey though but totally worth it.

Thomas - Sambal Kampung

User-friendly system. Reasonable price. Excellent services. Our five restaurants is using Lotus for many years. Thanks for supporting us

Linda - Oriental Tea House

In Asian Grocery market, we have face the problem of price adjustment and stock management. I used to spend a large amount of priceless time in stock management, book keeping or even a simple price adjustment. I'm hopeless in computer so at first I'm so reluctant in POS system but eventually I give it a try on LOTUS POS system because I understand that traditional way of business management unable to help me expand my business anymore. Now I don't have to spend a whole day in the shop anymore and can just let the staff to handle the shop through their POS system. I would probably say the shop cannot operate without the POS system anymore nowadays.

Jin M - Richmond Grocery

POS system need to be fast, user friendly, errors free and stable, they do have all that. On top of those, their details reporting and staff control facility have made our life much easier in terms of management.

Allan - PP Seafood

We can trace out what we sold within a minute throughout those multiple stores we have by just sitting back in our head office. We can even just do our payroll from head office by checking staffs' clock in and out records of all stores. Lotus POS system has made our life so much easier to conveniently manage our multiple stores. Great user friendly software with backup of their constant supports is the key reasons we love Lotus POS system.

Bubble Cup

To be in the retail grocery market for nearly 20 years in Richmond area, we have come from using normal cash registers to POS system. We have even change a few POS system in the past until we try out Lotus POS system then we have realize how much differences it can be comparing a good system with a average system. A good system can really conveniently assist you to manage the shop in terms of stock controlling, staff controlling and reporting. Easy products' data entering and price changing have make our life so much easier. Of course we do have to admit that their responsive supports are the main reasons we have switched from other as well. Giving suitable supports after sales have been ignore by most other POS company but not Lotus. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for this superior POS system and supports.  


We have tried multiple POS-system companies over the years, but the one we have stayed with is LOTUS. With our multiple restaurants and cafes around Melbourne, we've found LOTUS to be the most user friendly for both the floor & kitchen staff, and the managers. With the time saved on teaching new staff on how to use the POS system, we can use that time to train them to better serve the customers.

Paul - Dimattinas Group

LOTUS doesn't just provide the most suitable POS system for us, but also the most trustworthy customer service. We need to know that they are on board with us and can provide help whenever we need them. Having somebody who's on-site service is only available between 9 and 5 isn't useful for a business like ours.

Grace - Strawberry Points Fruit & Veg

Lotus Cash Registers is our best support on managing my store. From purchases to sales, their system doing a great job on automation. Amazing report functions are very helpful on making my target clear. Their support also be the BEST I have ever seen.

He Wei- Crown Asia

Operating a pet shop is not that simple. Not just focusing on the sales, I also need to take care of those little babies as well. Lotus’ professional staffs and professional POS make me manage my store easily. The system is very user friendly and saved much time for me. Once I have questions for the POS, their staffs always found out the solution with a quick response. That’s exactly what I want.

Joe - @Pet shop

Sitting in the head office, looking at the reports from Fountain Gate shop and tracking the new shop in city through the software. Lotus simplify my work and take a good care of the POS system in my shops. I have no complaint.

Tom - Entice Yoghurt

Support from their head office is always just a call away, and everything's been running great! We are quite satisfy with the system, stability, efficient and great service

Tim - Dessert Story

The POS system is working out wonderfully. Definitely is a great investment for our company, especially for service with customer, access all the reports and easy to management for my shop.

Josephine - Sapporo Japanese Restaurant

The software allows my staff, my managers, and me to have information at our fingertips. User friendly and attractive interface are always convenience for us all the time. So far, all the function is good, just few steps to let me see all information in a second.

David & Louis - Food Republik

The information we can get out of this system is great! Real-time reporting and price changes make the system a breeze. Also service is extremely important to our butcher shop. Keeping  my customers happy with speedy transaction checkouts and stocked inventory.

Jason - Top Chicken

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